Dynamics AX Upgrade to Cu9

Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU 9更新:分步 自CU 9发布以来已经有一段时间了,本文简要介绍了如何为已安装的Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8安装累积更新9。 如果您尝试将MS Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU 9作为新安装进行安装,请这样做,例如slipstream( 在新安装(slipstreaming)中包括累积更新和修补程序 )安装。 安装方式: 在新安装的MS Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU 9上使用设置向导和补充流程。 使用更新向导将CU9应用到MS Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU 8的现有安装上。 我们可以从Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services直接安装CU 9,也可以使用Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services和PartnerSource中都提供的Dynamics AX安装程序进行安装。 我们将在这里学习有关使用LCS的Dynamics AX安装程序安装CU 9的信息。 环境准备: 备份业务和模型存储数据库。 备份正在更新的数据库。 确保您是本地计算机上的Admin和Dynamics AX中的系统管理员。 确保您是SQL Server实例上“ SecurityAdmin”服务器角色的成员。 确保您是模型数据库中的“ db_owner”角色。 在安装此更新(或停机)时,请确保系统以单用户模式运行。 下载更新安装程序: 登录到PartnerSource或Microsoft Dynamics生命周期服务 。 下载更新安装程序的最新版本。 在计算机上保存并解压缩更新安装程序以应用更新。 单击更新安装程序后,选择提取文件的路径。 ]

如何将生产环境数据还原到 Dev 环境(Dynamics 365 How to Restore Live Data to Dev)

This blog post is for my notes, you can find more details on Microsoft link. There are some extra steps in the Microsoft link, which I never used. I usually follow only these steps and it works for me. So Instead I need to search on Microsoft link. I wrote this post for my future use. Step 1: You have to restore production database to UAT and then from uat to export it to Asset library Step 2: Download Backpac file in specific location Step 3: Open Command prompt with run as administrator for locally hosted VM and go to following location

Dynamics 365 Pre Go Live Checklist

Pre Go-live Health Check list: Solution acceptance by users: UAT Is UAT completed successfully? How many users participated in UAT? Did UAT test cases cover entire scope of requirements planned for go-live? How many bugs/issues from UAT are still open? Any of the open bugs/issues a showstopper for go-live? Was UAT done using migrated data? Business signoff: Business has signed off after UAT that the solution meets business needs?

Dynamics 365 Selecting the Correct Tier Level on Your Sandboxes

When purchasing Dynamics 365 F&O, you a get of Microsoft managed (but self-service) environments that is included with the standard offer. (Production, Tier-2 Standard Acceptance Testing and a Tier-1 Develop/Build and test environment.) Microsoft have described this on the environment planning docs. I will not discuss Tier-1 environments here, as these environments is optimized for development experiences. Do not perform performance testing on a tier-1 environment. Tier-2+ environments is based on the same architecture as a production environment and uses the Azure SQL Database service.

Dynamics 365 货运集装箱标签指南

Major retailers have identified incorrect logistic unit (pallet) labeling as a major emerging supply chain issue. A recent sample audit found that approximately 44% of pallet labels are not meeting agreed upon industry requirements. The issues they face include: No label has been applied Label is in the wrong location Information on the label does not match what is on the pallet Multiple labels with different Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC) been applied Pallet label will not scan Stretch-wrap has been applied over the pallet label so it doesn’t scan The following information contains guidelines and general information on how to create and apply good quality logistic (pallet) labels as per the standard requirements of the Retail Industry.

Dynamics 365 Supply Structures in Grocery Retail Industry

Author link: Today I will write a bit about the supply chain structure we see in the retail grocery industry, and challengers Dynamics 365 may face, and how to address them. The grocery industry has for many years seen that industry collaboration brings benefits and synergies throughout the value chain. We see industry collaboration that offers a range of services to its owners, customers and partners. In the country where I’m from, the main collaboration initiative is TradeSolution, and is owned by the main grocery chains in Norway.